Is Content Really King?

There are many references all over the internet, especially in the internet-marketing niche, that say content is king. A more accurate statement is, “good content is king”. I make the distinction because there is a tremendous proliferation of content created in an assembly line fashion, which is exacerbated by spinning software and the availability of access to writers across the globe through numerous freelancing sites.

Freelancing sites are not the issue. I have clients I write for that I connected with through some of these sites, so they can be a great resource for writers and content consumers alike. The issue is the potential dilution of quality created by writers producing large volumes of poorly written content for rates that are a fraction of minimum wage in the United States.

Let me be clear on my point here, because it absolutely is possible for someone living in a country other than the United States to produce high quality content with excellent spelling and grammar at a very low price. It is possible; it’s just not common. So, what happens quite often is people hire writers for rates as low as $1 to $2 per hour and they get content that requires so much editing or rewriting they would have been better off to just create the content themselves by the time you factor in all the time they spend editing and rewriting. Alternatively, they spend more money having a higher quality writer or editor do the fixing for them. The worst-case scenario is the content consumer pays for low quality content and for myriad reasons they just run with it. They use the lousy content as-is and then wonder why it doesn’t do for them what they thought it would.

There is a simple maxim that sums up my point and you have heard it many times before, I’m sure. You get what you pay for. If you need high quality content be prepared to pay high quality prices. That doesn’t mean you have to pay rates that make you feel like you’re getting robbed in order to get good content. Full price for high quality content is still very affordable. That’s because if you’re buying content it should be because you have a commercial purpose for it. Because you are using the content to attract readers that will eventually bring revenue into your business. High quality content will do this more effectively than low cost content by such a huge margin I would be hard pressed to overstate the case.

Choose wisely. Invest well in good quality content and sit back and watch it do what it is designed to do; bring readers back to you again and again until they are ready to spend money with you.

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