Postal Service to Cut More Jobs and Facilities

There are many industries that have been suffering from the unstable and uncertain economy, and the continuing rise in the cost of oil has also negatively impacted many businesses as well. This has led many businesses to struggle and many have even gone under. Even linchpins of business such as the United States Postal Service […]

Is Content Really King?

There are many references all over the internet, especially in the internet-marketing niche, that say content is king. A more accurate statement is, “good content is king”. I make the distinction because there is a tremendous proliferation of content created in an assembly line fashion, which is exacerbated by spinning software and the availability of […]

MMA’s Growing Popularity

Mixed martial arts (MMA) burst on the American sports landscape in 1993 when a lanky Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner from Brazil named Royce Gracie ran through the competition to with The Ultimate Fighting Championship (now referred to as UFC 1).  The Gracie family created the event to showcase their family’s own martial arts style, Gracie […]