Why You Need a Content Planning Calendar

It’s important to have an editorial calendar to keep your content consistent and relevant to your business goals. Most businesses put at least some time into planning other areas of their business, like an annual budget. However, most don’t plan their content, which should be the cornerstone of your online, on-site marketing. In fact, great […]

Deutsche Telekom CEO in Transition

Germany’s biggest phone company, Deutsche Telekom, just announced its CEO is stepping down to pursue ‘entrepreneurial opportunities’. Current CEO, Rene Obermann will remain with the company until the end of next year to oversee the transition to its new CEO, Timotheus Hoettges. Hoettges is the company’s current CFO and has been with Deutsche Telekom since 2000. While there is speculation about […]

Optimism on the Rise as Housing Index Hits 6 Year High

The builder sentiment index rose two points to 47 this month, inching closer to the 50 point level that most experts view as signs of growth. While the index is still below the level most economists would categorize as a growing market, the trend has been upward and it has been consistent, causing many to […]

Morgan Stanley Fined $5 Million for Facebook IPO Improprieties

Morgan Stanley was fined $5 million for unlawfully coaching Facebook’s treasurer to improperly provide information to its analysts just prior to Facebook’s IPO. William Galvin, the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, hit Morgan Stanley with the penalty for what he called, “…a clear violation of the global research analyst settlement that Morgan Stanley signed […]

Apple’s Stock Punished on Announcement of iPhone 5 Sales in China

Apple’s stock dropped on news that its debut of the iPhone 5 in China did not live up to analysts expectations. The company sold 2 million units over the weekend, almost matching their unit sales volume for the entire third quarter of this year, yet the company’s stock was down . China is now the biggest […]