John Sanchez PhotoI am a freelance writer and Managing Director of FPA Group, a financial planning and analysis consulting firm. I spent over 20 years in the accounting and finance profession before transitioning to writing. It all started when I was asked to present a session at a national conference for the American Strategic Management Institute.

My writing is primarily focused in the areas of finance, technology, marketing and social media.

The Logo

My logo was inspired by many things, but first and foremost by the martial arts. I know that sounds like an odd inspiration for a logo for a writing business, or writing in general, but read on and you will understand how the two relate.

The two main symbols, or shapes, that form my logo are the most common logo elements for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) schools all over the world. I have always been interested in the martial arts and I have taken some classes, here and there, over the years in several different styles of martial arts.

Martial Arts Inspiration

When I was a kid, I took Judo classes with my brother, who routinely honed his skills by ‘sparring’ with me (translation, he kicked my butt all the time). As a teenager, I studied Sansei-Goju Karate at a tiny little school in a suburb of Miami and in the early 2000s I took BJJ classes in Fort Lauderdale. When I moved to North Carolina, I found a BJJ school near me and I trained there for a while. Of all the styles I tried, BJJ is my favorite.

The martial arts has always interested and inspired me, so when I thought of creating a logo for my business the symbolism in the BJJ logos I have seen over the years seemed like the perfect inspiration.

The Triangle

In BJJ, the triangle has multiple meanings, as it does outside of martial arts. Among the many meanings of the triangle is stability. The structure of the triangle is that of a stable base which is equally strong from every side.

In Gracie Jiu Jitsu, they say the three sides of the triangle represent the mind, body, and spirit – the three components of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu mastery. The Gracie Jiu Jitsu logo is one of the few that incorporates a triangle that is not closed. This was done so that the triangle would also look like a stylized letter “G” (turned on its side) to symbolize the Gracie family name.

Many other concepts are associated with the triangle, including creativity, harmony and proportion.

The Circle

The circle is prominent in many BJJ logos and it has a multitude of meanings in many cultures the world over. Some of the symbolism of the circle includes wholeness, infinity, focus, unity, centering and completion.

The Meaning of Colors

Colors have so many meanings there are entire websites devoted to the subject. The same could probably be said of the meaning of shapes, but colors seem to have a much more widespread interest in our culture when it comes to their meaning. The meaning of colors can vary in different cultures, but some colors have a meaning that seems to transcend all that. I have always liked blue, nearly every shade of it. I think it is because I lived near the ocean much of my life and the water always seemed to make me feel calm. Colors that are close to the blues of the ocean have the same affect, not to mention they remind me of many good times spent in and around the water.

The color turquoise is associated with balance, harmony, calm, open communication, creativity and clarity of thought. This one was a no brainer. I already like the color and the symbolic meaning fits.

So, now you know the meaning of the components of my logo. They weren’t just thrown together because I thought they look cool, although I think they do. I may eventually add a symbol in the center of the logo. Something that represents communication; maybe the American Sign Language sign for communication. For now, I’m happy with the work in progress and I wanted to share its meaning so that any of my clients and potential clients can get an understanding of the powerful meaning that something as simple as a logo can convey. Our words can be just as powerful.